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Welcome, This page will provide you with basic information!

Elitecreatures.com offers an affiliate system to allow everyone to apply and earn $ whenever a customer purchases anything on our store. 

This short tutorial will walk you through how to set up your affiliate account and start earning $.

Step 1:

Register an account at https://elitecreatures.com/my-account/

Step 2: 

Apply for an affiliate account at https://elitecreatures.com/affiliate-portal/

typical response time is between 24 to 48 hours

Step 3

Navigating the Dashboard:

After being accepted as an affiliate you will be able to earn commission on whatever a customer buys when they click your affiliate link or enter your discount code.  

For New Affiliates the commission rate is 7% of all orders of that customer for 180 days.

For Special Affiliates or anyone who has earned over $100 of affiliate commission, rates are 10% of all orders of that customer for 180 days.

Note payout can only be requested at $30 of unpaid earnings. 

The image below shows you the location of your affiliate link.

(anyone who clicks that link,  for a period of time  (based on your affiliate rank) whatever they purchase will earn you a commission.)

Below is some more information regarding your portal.

Your Total visits represents the amount of people who has visited the website through your link. (Green)

Your Total Referrals represents how many people has  purchased something on the website after clicking your link. (Red)

Your Unpaid Earnings represents the amount Elite Creatures has not paid out to you. Request a payment when it reaches $75 if we have not already sent it out.(Blue)

Your Paid Earnings represents the amount Elite Creatures has paid out. (Orange)

Final Important Key Points

  • You can change your PayPal payout email in the affiliate settings on your affiliate dashboard.

  • You need to have $30 of unpaid earnings to earn a commission payout.

Elitecreatures.com utilizes a reward system for all our customers. Our point system rewards all customers based on there actions. These points can help you buy point exclusive packs, get discounts on orders, some packs you can even purchase them out right with just your points. For every dollar spent on the store you get 3 points, these points can not be converted to real world dollars.

Our Reward System also gives customers a way to rank up there account and get even more free stuff! 

That’s right we value you as a customer, not only can you redeem your points for special products but you can also upgrade your account with those points and gain major discounts on certain packs. Checkout the points dashboard to see the membership benefits for each tier. https://elitecreatures.com/my-account/points/

e.g image:

Yes we do allow the purchase via PayPal BUT, you will need to open a support ticket on our discord. We do charge a 10% convenience fee, for this reason we highly recommend the use of our stripe payment gateway. 

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/6qBnH2Y6vq

We provide support on all paid packs on our website, that includes packs for points and packs for purchase. We do not provide support for anyone who has not purchased that specific pack or free packs on our website. 

We are not a vendor marketplace. 

All downloads can be accessed via your my account page.

or use this link to get a direct link: https://elitecreatures.com/my-account/downloads/

Follow this link to get all information regarding contact:


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